What is SSL and how it useful?

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What is SSL:

SSL stands for secure socket layer,  a technology that provides encrypted technology between the web server and the web browser. It becomes very much important when it comes to transferring sensitive information of credit card or password and username of email ids. It provides security, integrity privacy of the data that send and received from the browser.

Need of SSL:

The primary reason for using SSL is data encryption. Information that floats on the web is very much vulnerable. Because when we send some information it passes through the different routers that are located in a different region of the earth. Therefore, hackers or spying software can easily catch these data packets. When encryption is used data packets becomes unreadable as these are encrypted. Hence, hackers cannot use it for any destructive purpose.

SSL and Authentication:

While browsing internet data packets travel through different router and computers. The users need to make sure that the data packet reaches the correct destination. And no one other than the intended user should be able to use the received data. For this reason, its authentication is used.

SSL certification by a third-party:

The certificate authority(CA) issues SSL certificates to the concerned website. CA is a third-party organization that deals with SSL certificates. While providing a certificate, CA generates a unique private key for the requesting website. That private key along with the certificate used by the client of the website. Hence, verifying their genuineness.


Any website can create an SSL certificate by generating the public-private key. Because the host website generates the key, browsers may not accept it as a secure connection. In the case of a self SSL certificate, there is no neutral organization to verify the integrity of the key. Therefore,  SSL certificates from CA  widely accepted among browsers.

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