What is an operating system and it’s facts?

In this paragraph, we shall have a brief walk through about operating system! An operating system is a piece of software that handles all the peripherals, synchronises the data flow among the attached devices. It also controls the processes that are running right from powering on the computer. Therefore, it’s quite large on disk. In other words, it eats up lot of hardware resources. To reduce hardware uses with minimalistic preinstalled software portable operating system came into horizon.

Need for portable operating system?

A live usb is a bootable pen drive from where we can install full size operating system on the hard drive. However, if we boot our computers from live usb , if any changes are made in the running session that are stored in the RAM. Therefore, once we restart that machine , everything is lost. To resolve this kind of issues, portable operating system(POS)  are used. POS are installed in pen drive like hard disk of regular OS . A major difference between live usb and POS, is that, changes that are made during the session are stored in the appropriate file of OS. Therefore, even if we restart the machine it doesn’t matter. Because pendrive carries wifi name, password and user files.

Portable Operating System examples and its description:

There many light weight operating systems, we shall discuss some of the popular POS.

Absolute Linux:

Absolute linux made on top of Slackware, its very lightweight. Therefore major focus of it is to run on old hardware. It has almost all the essential softwares for multimedia, internet and some general softwares. XFCE is graphical tool for absolute linux. It also has apt-get support. It takes around 700MB of size on disk. This version of linux highly recommendable for old hardware to run stable.

Puppy Linux:

It’s not a direct derivation of any linux main distribution. Rather than it is a mix up of poly linux distribution. Therefore, regardless of any flavour of puppy linux, almost all the features are same. Puppy linux has three main distributions. Firstly, official puppy linux distribution: targeted for general use and it is developed by puppy linux team. Secondly: woof-built puppy linux distribution: developed for specific need , therefore pre-installed packages also different. Thirdly, unofficial derivatives, also known as ‘puplets’: developed by enthusiasts of puppy Linux. It takes around 300MB on disk. As it has small footprint, therefore it boots up really fast.

Kali Linux:

It is direct derivative of debian based linux distribution. it has all the preinstalled software for penetration testing and security managing. Hacker’s love kali linux because it has preinstalled penetration software. There is mini version of kali linux, that can be installed in flash drives.


Slax is one of the latest light weight linux distribution. Which has modern design , modular approach . Major factor that makes Slax stands out in the market is that, there is no need to install it even on pendrive. Just copy Slax files in the flash drive, few clicks and we ready to boot. Despite of its small size , it has modern graphical interface, pre-installed web-browser, terminal. As Slax is direct derivative of Debian, it gets all the bells and whistles of Canonical ecosystem.


Portable Operating system :Slax

How to install SLAX

First: download slax from its official website, choose between 32/64bit according to host machine’s hardware architecture.

Second: A ‘slax’ folder  created, after extraction of ISO file.

Third: Copy ‘slax’ folder and paste it in the pendrive.

Fourth: (In pendrive) navigate to slax folder->boot folder.

Fifth: Locate ‘bootinst.bat’ and run it(double click on it), that’s it.

Shutdown the pc. Then restart the computer and boot from the pendrive.

Risk of using POS:

Well, very coin as two sides, so as portable operating system. For instance, intruder can boot a computer using bootable pendrive even if the computer is password protected. Hence bypassing all the secuity. Moreover in the absence of the owner one can use the whole system without any hassles.