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About TheSiliconBoard

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about us

Thesiliconboard is one technological blogging site that primarily focuses on the growth of the users with essential information in the technical issues.

Founded by Chhaya and Pallab in the year 2020 with a sole aim to spread knowledge across the internet.

We write blogs on a various range of topics like : Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Linux, System Admin, Python, C, C++, Data Structures, Software Trouble Shooting and Computer Hardware.

Even though we are a small team, we are putting our best efforts to provide in depth knowledge for the complex topics in the field of technology.

At Thesiliconboard, our team gives the top most priority to the content and its quality. The technical writers cross checks the fact and code multiple time that are represented to the reader. Therefore, each post is like an asset to us. We make sure that code run smoothly on the specified platform.

Where we are located?

Geographically we are located at Hyderabad, India. For any queries, please use the comment box for posting your questions.

About Founder & Author

Chhaya is responsible for handling and maintaining the website and She is the initiator of “thesiliconboard”. By profession, she is a senior python/django developer and works in a reputed MNC of India.

Pallab is responsible for selecting and writing the blogs. He has years of industry experience in Linux, C++, Python, Algorithm, Data Science. His future goals is to get expertise in Cyber Security. By profession, Pallab is a senior data scientist based out at Hyderabad, India.